Base IT - General IT Security and SAP Security
Base IT delivers intelligent protection for General IT Security and SAP Systems, while reducing TCO, resources, and time to issue resolution
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Base IT - Cyber Security
Prevention, Protection, Remediation and Response.
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Base IT - Secure your SAP Systems
Increase SAP systems security while decreasing TCO due to the automations and processes delivered by Base IT.
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Base IT Security Solutions - for General IT and SAP

Base IT is passionate about protecting our clients against hackers.

We use unique security technologies to provide advanced insight, control and management capabilities, that ultimately reduce workloads demanded when securing businesses. This reduces the costs associated with cyber security.

We are equipped with the best tools and skills to approach cyber security as a process of constant improvement, an approach that means protection is cumulative. You never need to solve the same problem twice. 

Our clients are organisations large and small, and from every walk of life. They include Government agencies as well as those privately held, and from every industry imaginable.

Partner with Base IT Security Service for General IT and SAP continual security process improvement 

SAP Security

We specialise in securing SAP and Peoplesoft. Among the world’s most complex and widely used ERP, HR, and payroll systems. 

The Base IT Approach to SAP Security

Base IT is dedicated to better security for SAP systems. The task of securing SAP can be manual, complex and time consuming.

Given the shortage and cost of experienced SAP security skills - reducing security maintenance costs delivers a large sum of money back into your budget.

Cyber Security

Our clients receive greater protection against cybercrime. Greater protection that is sustainable, improves with every day that passes. Protection that above all reflects the business of our client and the steps they must take, as well as the threats that arise as time goes by!

Base IT Security Solutions

Security benchmarking
Security solutions for your websites
Network security and monitoring
General security and monitoring
Compliance management and reporting
System Hardening

What are your business security actions and processes? Are your most vital business applications protected?

How Base IT Secures SAP

Assess Vulnerable systems

Actively and passively assess SAP systems to gain full visibility of weaknesses that threaten your security.

Patching Vulnerable systems

Manage and deploy patches for SAP across hundreds of thousands of users, and on the largest SAP systems in a fraction of the time.

Privilege & Application Control

Establish & enforce the concept of privilege control, along with greater efficiencies in deleting unused or redundant user profiles.

ASD Top * Compliance

Patch and vulnerability management, ensure complete control of SAP security in accordance with the vendors specification.

Demonstrate Compliance
With automated scanning or monitoring, plus automated configurable compliance reporting for CIS benchmarks, DISA STIG, PCI DSS, ISO27001 & more.
Secure DevOps

Reduce risk exposure. Identify vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle; embed security from the start saving time, money & resources.

Authentication and Access Control

Validating application users and ensuring access only to is essential for their business function and role definition. Grant access so that defence in-depth manages the elevation of system account privileges for trusted users and administrators, and better enables management of emergency access when required.

Industry Leading Certifications

Our Consultants and Architects have industry leading certifications such as OSCP, OSCE, CREST, and CISS.

Our Vendor Partners

Base IT partners with several of the world’s leading vendors to provide our clients the best available solutions, delivering greater security assurance along with greater efficiencies and cost gains.