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General IT Security - Overview

At Base IT our aim is to secure your business for now and the future, in a common sense and practical way. Our solutions deliver what is needed now and provide the basis for future innovation that drives assurance forward, to stay ahead of the bad guys. 

Organisations large and small are in the cross hairs of hackers, this is well known. To ignore the threat posed by hackers is to expose your company to risk – damage that they may never recover from.

It is also well known that cyber security is expensive, and skilled cyber security people are no different. They are also in demand, and often don’t stay in one place for long.

That’s why most of Base IT’s cyber security solutions are delivered remotely, managed and initiated by our skilled staff, and corrective actions are often also managed by Baseit. That way you can continue to manage and grow your business without distraction.

Base IT - General IT Security Solutions

Cyber Security is very diverse. There are many different disciplines required. 

Base IT Cyber Security solutions include –

Network Monitoring

We now have a full managed service providing network monitoring including automated reporting in real time.​

Credit Card Discovery

Rapid scanning that finds credit card numbers. Discovery Supports numerous file types along with most common operating systems, databases, email and file systems. Scans can be automated to run weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at any other interval. ​

Compliance Management as a Service ​

Providing tools and services to deliver compliance accuracy, efficiencies and timely management that strengthens your data security. Keep all assets in scope, including assets missed from vulnerability scans. That includes critical, overlooked vulnerabilities due to volumes. Report on risky firewall rule sets that go undetected along with non-compliant user access scenarios.

Mobile Forensic Tools

Mobile forensic software and hardware which supports digital investigations through data recovery and application analysis. Our solution provides organisations large and small the ability to secure, retrieve and manage vital data in our increasingly mobile world.

Enterprise Key Management

Integrated key management that fully complies with the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP).

Database Encryption ​

High performance, high availability. Supports most encryption algorithms including ARIA, SEED, AES, 3DES, SHA2, FPE, OPE, Encrypted Compression.

Access Management Solutions ​
Single Sign-on, permissions and identity management that is easy to use and scale-able.  

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