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General IT Security + SAP Security

Prevention, Protection, Remediation, and Response

Founded in 2006, head quartered in Sydney Australia and serving clients across Australia and New Zealand, our mission is to make our passion for good cyber security protection a part of your business success – that means Prevention, Protection, Remediation, and Response.

Our expertise is combined with advanced technologies that are designed to provide real world solutions to the cyber security threat. Base IT services start at the basics, and build increasing value and security that is appropriate to your business size, focus, and the steps that are mandated, as well as those that are not. 

Base IT will build you an ongoing cyber security protection plan and process that is appropriate to your business and won’t break the bank. At all times we seek to ensure cyber security investment also provides the basis for growth and foundation for the plans you have for your future. 

Base IT - Security Solutions

Practical & Innovative Cyber Security for Every Business

Our consultants have years of IT Security experience, experience that is available to you. They are skilled, and know how to reduce or eliminate risk. Our Managed Security Managed Services are there watching and protecting you 24 hours a day. 

We also help our clients to reduce the time, energy and costs associated with compliance management and reporting. Again, you have better things to do I am sure. 

You cannot simply “buy” cyber security, it is obtained through combining knowledge and technology, applying process and continual improvement!

SAP Security - Solution Overview

Securing your SAP system and keeping it secure should be a number one priority within your company’s cyber security priorities. If all routine security maintenance isn’t being completed, there is almost certainly a very simple reason.

SAP security maintenance is complex, takes a huge investment in time and resources, and the task is very expensive.

SAP is a unique business system requiring specialised skills and tools, and securing SAP is no different with specialist security tools, skills, and experience a non-negotiable engagement criteria. 

Increasingly attacks against SAP are becoming far more sophisticated, even if they are reducing in number. A fact borne out by viewing the most recent “monthly SAP security notes”. Attacks on ERP systems are increasing all the time. 

So, what are your actions and processes for ensuring that your most vital business application has the optimum protection? 

Security for SAP - Where Base IT Steps in...

By using the best solutions available and engaging the vast experience available from BaseIT, risks are greatly mitigated and the chances of business being compromised are hugely reduced.

Our security specialists can assess your entire environment and advise, implement or consult with you on the best strategy to ensure your business is strong enough to keep the bad guys out. 

This protection remains effective as new threats are identified, and as your SAP environment evolves and grows, processes change, and your people change and evolve also.

BaseIT delivers the optimum security capability for SAP systems, achieving this whilst reducing the time and resources needed, for now and the future. We do this by utilising the tier one security technologies from around the world, and applying our wealth of cyber security experience to the SAP security challenge. 

In short – we deliver tangible security gains in SAP, and lower management costs.